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Hair Growth Testimonials

Many men have benefited from Follixin: they regained, together w/ their hair, their confidence to move on and have a better professional and personal life.
Read some of the hundreds of successful stories we received and see how Follixin worked for them – and how it can work for you.
  • John Chaffey, 52 age, Leeds, Great Britain

    Hi guys, I just want to send a big "Thank you" to all you folks up there at Follixin. As you can see my hair has grown back. Isn't that great? Yeah, as you know I've been doing my due diligence with the system for some time now and my hair has grown back, it's not pulling up in the shower drain like it used to and it's strong and it's just great! My receding hairline has come back and I just can't say enough really. So thank you so so much and if you all decide to post this somewhere where people can see it, I would just say to everybody out there that Follixin is a great place to go, I guess, great place to go, that is where we found it and they are wonderful, they have a great products there that help me.

    I mean look at this, you know, come on, for a guy in my age this is a great head of hair so I'm really proud of it, I'm very excited. So thanks a lot fellas see you all later.
  • Rick Sanders, 43, Santa Rosa California

    As a real estate broker a large part of my business comes down to make a good first impression and presenting the right kind of appearance. Selling a great house with an old roof isn't easy - and the same exact thing is true for people. If you let your hair go and walk around with a comb-over trying to convince people you understand the aesthetic beauty of a luxury estate they aren't going to take your seriously.

    Follixin completely changed my life. I look younger, more vibrant and I have the confidence to make a strong pitch no matter who my client happens to be. I sell more houses and look better doing it.
  • Mitch Wallace, 58, Tampa Florida

    When I reached my fiftieth birthday I went through a messy divorce, had a ton of stress at work and lost my hair very rapidly.

    That was a down period of my life and I knew I needed to bounce back, pick myself up and answer the bell for the next round. Last year I discovered Follixin and within a few months of regaining my hair, I found a girlfriend who understands me and became a licensed pilot for a living.

    Hair regrowth isn't magic but you may be surprised how different life is when you have your hair and that extra bounce in your step. The profound impact Follixin has on my social life and business career really is a big blessing.
  • Keith Thomas, 41, Rye New York

    When you are balding you can make a bunch of jokes about it and try to laugh it off when people are making remarks about your hairline but when you get home and look in the mirror, if you are honest with yourself, it had a really negative effect on your self-esteem.

    If you had hearing loss you'd get hearing aids, if your vision was weak you'd wear contact lenses - for me hair loss is not different than any other medical ailment. It's treatable with Follixin and there really aren't any excuses anymore. I'm glad I took the next step and tried Follixin. It's your hair, and your decisions can make all the difference.
hair loss treatment
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