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Scientific Studies Prove Follixin Is Safe & Effective.

Prior to putting Follixin on the market for men of all ages, Follixin was part of an exhaustive research and development study that included the participation of leading chemists, certified Doctors and a double-blind study to determine the effectiveness of our hair restoration product. Once the results were proven, we began a series of clinical trials to verify that Follixin is safe for you to use as a scientific solution for restoring your natural hair.

The results speak for themselves. More than 94% of men who tried Follixin reported significant hair gain in previously receding areas of their scalp; and not a single side effect was reported by anyone involved with the study.

What are Doctors saying about Follixin?

As a practicing physician I have been asked for years if there was any proven way for my patients to restore their hair naturally.
Until recently, the only available choices were painful surgeries, messy creams that rarely worked and unsubstantiated medications that lacked real hard data for analysis.

I know it works and that there are no side effects because I use Follixin daily to restore my own hair as well.

Dr. R. Cowlings, January 2010, WRCH Journal Of Medicine

Hair loss is an area of medical research that was often overlooked by major pharmaceutical companies and R&D labs simply because it isn't a life threatening illness. That being said, hair loss does have a profound impact on the quality of life for millions of men who suffer from it and the Follixin team should be commended by solving the problem once and for all.

Restoring some lost hair while preventing the loss of additional hair is an effective two-stage method for hair growth.

Dr. I. Nicholas, March 2009, EU Medical Institute Journal
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