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    How quickly can I expect my hair to come back once I start Follixin treatment at home?

    Follixin is an important dietary supplement designed to gradually improve your ability to produce and maintain hair. As the levels of Follixin build inside your body the effects become more stable and visible. Some men experience rapid hair growth within the first six weeks, while others experience more gradual gains over the course of a few months.

    Continue usage of Follixin fortifies your follicles preserving gains and allowing momentum to work in your favor as the amount of hairs being produced outnumbers the number of hairs being lost until your hair is fully restored and naturally thick
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    Are there any dietary or activity restrictions while using Follixin?

    You should take 2 capsules daily during a meal, with plenty of water. Follixin is a dietary supplement and works best when you also follow a healthy diet, have sufficient rest and do some physical activities. There are no special restrictions in respect of using Follixin. We recommend taking up some sport, like swimming. Follixin is a way to improve the quality of your life.
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    Does Follixin work on all kinds of hair loss? What about age and ethnicity?

    Follixin is recommended by Doctors for all men between the ages of 18 and 80 provided you are in good overall health. Unlike creams and surgeries which each focus on specific kinds of hair loss, Follixin works on the metabolic level and treats the underlying cause of hair loss rather than any single aspect of the problem by itself. As a result, Follixin restores hair whether you have lost it due to age, activity or virtually any other proximate cause. Regardless of factors like ethnicity, age or direct cause - Follixin is ready to restore your hair whenever you are.
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    Is Follixin a permanent cure for hair loss or will my hair fade away again?

    Human hair follicles are subjected to a great number of damaging impacts. Corrosive hair products, ultraviolet light, sweat, dirt, physical forces from combs and hats, poor nutrition and many other elements each contribute to your hair loss dilemma. Follixin stems the tide and allows you to overcome these obstacles. The initial improvements are noticeable quickly and continued prolonged use of Follixin allows your scalp to maintain its gains with extended your natural hair to its fullest and thickest levels.
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    Will anyone else know that I am using Follixin daily?

    Unless you constantly wear a hat there is no way to hide your rapid hair growth. However, Follixin is shipped discreetly in plain packaging and your order is always confidential. So, while your coworkers, employers, friends and lovers will be aware that your hair looks better than before - the way you have overcome hair loss will be a secret unless you choose to share that information with them.
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